Old North State Patriots

May 2014 Meeting


The Transylvania Tea Party held its first 2014 meeting on Thursday, May 22 at the Community Service Building at Gaston & Morgan Streets in Brevard at 7:00PM.

The guest speaker was Jay DeLancy, Founder and Executive Director of the Voter Integrity Project of North Carolina.  Mr. Delancy organized the Voter Integrity Project (VIP) in 2001 to ensure free and fair elections for all lawfully registered voters.

In April, in response to a VIP-NC public record request, the NC State Board of Elections released their state-by-state breakdown of double voters from the November 2013 election.  Those findings raise serious concerns about organized criminal vote fraud, according to the group.

VIP-NC has encouraged election integrity activists in other states to pressure their elected officials to join the Interstate Crosscheck Program designed to help states identify voters with multiple registrations as well as people who may be practising interstate double voting.

Check out Jay's efforts  at (www.voterintegrityproject.com) plus under the nearby Links Menu.

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