Vote for Robin Hayes if:

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Vote for Robin Hayes if:

you believe in two  more years of:

David Lewis style secret meetings of the Central Committee, complete with non-disclosure agreements!

David Lewis

NCGOP’s idea that Western NC ends at I-77 and nothing of value is beyond that line.

Machiavellian acts such as keeping the RNC Rules Committee Chair kidnaped on a bus that was continuously circling the Convention Center at the 2012 Florida RNC convention until Robin could rewrite the rules.

Continuation of attacks on Party Officers that were guilty of being black when elected. Vice Chair Tim Johnson was never allowed entrance to the State Party Headquarters nor notified when Central Committee meetings were being held, and you know what happened to Hasan Harnett.

Periodic attendance record tampering to remove Executive Committee members who object to performing the Central Committee Two step shuffle.

Detailed choreographing and scripting of Executive Committee meetings and Convention Business meetings to assure unpleasant business never has time to be aired before the meeting adjourns.

Continuous unending war with the conservative wing of the Republican Party and the unaffiliated majority who are also conservative, which is driving the ever increasing pace of Unaffiliated Voter Registration.

Robin Hayes 03

two  more years?????