Dear President Trump

May 27, 2017  

Dear President Trump,

It is Memorial Day Weekend and my husband and I just

came home from marching in our parade.  Tomorrow

afternoon we will be working at our GOP Booth during

our two day street festival for the holiday.  We do this

every year and I always feel lots of warm fuzzes because

our little town in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North

Carolina has turned its back on the world of PC and

continued all the religious and patriotic traditions of our

Great America!  Our parade included the military, color

guard, several marching bands and a fly-over.  Our group calls

itself “Old North State Patriots.”  We parade in costume

in a beautiful old 1963 Lincoln convertible.  It makes me

weep when people clap and salute as we go by.

One of the things that I enjoy doing (since I’m a published

author anyway) is send a lot of emails - sorry, I don’t tweet.

We have been fortunate to have traveled all over the world,

including the Pacific Rim and Israel and I always come home

with more email addresses.  One lady named Judith from

Australia, who we met on a train trip across country to Alaska,

has stayed in close touch with me over the years.  My email

list is very long...and I use it!  Trust me, the lines were sizzling

anywhere I could get to all during the campaign!  And it hasn’t

stopped.  For fun, I am enclosing a recent message from Judith

and my response to share with got Bcc’d to my whole

list and, as usual, my buddies took it and passed it along!  It is

so sad to me that our “fake media” has traveled all around

the world!

God Bless you and have a wonderful Happy Birthday!

Love and hugs, elaine and arthur

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