A dozen reasons why Ted Cruz is the most qualified and electable Presidential candidate.


1 – Legal - We do not have the rule of law in United States today because our president ignores the Constitution and his Justice Department appointees refuse to prosecute violations of any law they find politically advantageous, for example the IRS going after conservative activists. These criminals have to be replaced if the country is to survive.

Ted Cruz was solicitor general of Texas for five years. He is the ONLY candidate for president who knows just about every conservative constitutional lawyer in the country and, as President, will recommend appointments of ONLY proven Constitutional law abiding judges throughout the federal court system. Without Ted Cruz’s legal and Constitutional knowledge this country is doomed to the lawlessness we have today.

2 – Executive Ability - Cruz has exceptional organizational skills. As solicitor general he had over 700 attorneys working for him. Anyone who knows lawyers knows that managing them is like herding cats. Cruz did it.

He is the ONLY candidate who wrote over 80 Supreme Court arguments and presented over 40 himself. In the landmark Second Amendment case of the District of Columbia versus Heller, Cruz assembled a coalition of 31 states in defense of the Second Amendment guaranteeing an individual the right to keep and bear arms. That is the organizational and political skill we need from a president.

3 – Economic Knowledge - Cruz was the director of the Office of Policy Planning at the Federal Trade Commission. He was a domestic policy adviser to Pres. George W Bush during the 2000 Bush presidential campaign.

Ted Cruz is the ONLY candidate who has a solid knowledge of free market Classical and Austrian school economics which has virtually always resulted in economic prosperity, especially for the poor when its principles were applied.

Cruz understands how the US economy works and how government interference in the economy destroys jobs through punitive unnecessary regulations. He has vowed to repeal virtually all regulations that were not legislated constitutionally, starting with the EPA. . This will allow the economy and new jobs to be created. He also supports a flat tax and abolishing the IRS.

4 – Constitutional Knowledge - He is the ONLY candidate that has pledged to repeal every unconstitutional executive order of President Obama.

5 - Amnesty - Cruz is the ONLY candidate that has ALWAYS been against amnesty for illegals. He was instrumental in stopping the McCain Rubio “Group of Eight” amnesty legislation.

6 - Ability to Communicate Persuasively - At Princeton he was the US national debate champion. While at Harvard Law School be was a semifinalist in the World Debate Championships. Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz said Cruz was the scariest brightest student he had ever had.

Cruz, when given the chance to debate, virtually always has the clearest most coherent argument. Why do you think journalists have done their best to ignore him?

7 - Getting things done - Cruz understands the legislative process perhaps BETTER than anyone in the Senate. He actually reads the legislation before voting. For example recently he pointed out that President Obama has not met the conditions of the sellout Corker bill. Therefore lifting the sanctions against Iran cannot legally happen. He understands that the leadership of the Republican Party will continue to cave in to President Obama, but Cruz pointed out that any bank which releases funds to the terrorist Iranian government risks being prosecuted for violating the law.

8 - Political Courage - Ted Cruz has been almost alone in exposing how the Republican leadership keeps using legislative gimmicks to make it look like they are against something while actually facilitating it to happen. Lifting sanctions against Iran is a typical example. The Constitution requires 67 members of the Senate to ratify all treaties. The Coker bill changed that to require only 34 votes. That allowed the bill to go forward without any Republicans supposedly voting for it. Every Republican that voted for the Corker bill in reality voted to allow Iran to have the bomb despite later voting against it.

9 - Foreign Policy – Cruz is a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee and subcommittees of Emerging Threats and Capabilities, Sea Power, and Strategic Forces. He does not need a crash course in foreign policy.

10 - The Reagan Rule -Ted Cruz is the ONLY candidate that has not bad mouthed any other Republican candidate. He is the Ronald Reagan of the 21st century.

11 – Moral & Ethical - Cruz is a pro-life practicing Christian. He is also virtually the only candidate that has pointed out that the Constitution does not give the Supreme Court the authority to legally mandate abortion or gay marriage. The individual states have that authority.

12 - Cruz can unify and win - When Cruz started his Texas Senate primary campaign against the then most powerful politician in Texas, Lieut. Gov. David Dewhurst, Dewhurst had a 97% name recognition rating and a net worth of over $200 million, a good chunk of which he used to run in the primary against Cruz. Cruz started with a 2% voter recognition and no money. The Washington and Texas political establishment backed Dewhurst yet Cruz still won.

In Summary Ted Cruz has the strongest proven Conservative Constitutional track record and will reinstitute the rule of law. That together with his ability to clearly and persuasively explain what is at stake to our national security and what we need to do to turn around our economy makes him the most qualified as well as the most likely candidate to win the presidency and lead this country out of the scary mess we now find ourselves. Under Ted Cruz’s leadership the USA will regain its position as the ‘shining city on the hill’ of the free world.