Old North State Patriots

Welcome to the Old North State Patriots website.

Mission Statement and Principles can be found in the next section. We welcome all Conservative minded citizens regardless of actual voter registration. 

Old North State Patriots is not a part of either political party, neither Republican or Democrat.  As such we will refrain from endorsing either political party or their individual candidates. We will however will support, endorse and advertise those activities and events that are consistent with our Mission and Principles.  Old North State Patriots does this for the purpose of helping citizens become more informed voters.   With this in mind there are/were events that Old North State Paytriots is aware of that its supporters should consider.

NOTICE:  This website endeavors to provide information with regard to both the Republican and Democrat parties.  TOld North State Patriots does this without endorsement  of that party, but rather to provide a portal/information for all registered voters.  Old North State Patriots strongly believes in its stated Mission and Principles.

Upon study we believe that the Republican Party is mostly in consort with those beliefs; however TOld North State Patriots feels it important that the viewer (voter) decide for themselves.  For this reason Old North State Patriots will provide that viewer (voter) with as much information as possible so that they can make informed decisions. We welcome input from viewers at all times.